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Maintenance & Update at 1500 Apr 29th server time

All the servers of eDragon shall be shut down at 1500 April 29th server time.

The maintenance is expected to last 1 hour.

Thank you for your patience.

The updates are:

1. New daily quests added for more than level 40. Daily quests for Race war, Instance and Gold consumption cancelled.

2. Attribute’s ceiling of the character added for level 11 – 40 to avoid the failure to equip stuff due to a false attribute setting.
Heavy armor trend for Saber below level 40, and the quest for level 41 gives 50 Gil for attribute reset to other trend.

3. The popup for the completion of quests adjusted to floating.
For the equipment gained from the quest below level 40, the stuff is equipped automatically by the system.

4. The operation of the quests optimized.

5. Background music for the instance added.

6. The glitch in Monster Slayer and the award list fixed.

7. The skill of Dragon Slayer modified.

The eDragon Team